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These are some pictures taken on July 12th 2003 during a visit from our friends Margie and Morgan.
April has worked with Margie for a while, and offered to have her and Morgan over for a visit.
They came all the way from Atlanta for just 3 days - we spent this day at the Space Needle, a ferry ride to
Bainbridge Island, and a visit to the Seattle Aquarium.
Key Arena from the Space Needle.  The Seattle Sonics and Thunderbirds play here. A ferry in the background, and a cruise ship.  See the guy in the parasail ! Margie out on the observation deck of the Needle.
A shot of downtown Seattle.  Lake Union.  The dark cloud to the left is a tanker truck fire burning on I5. The Experience Music Project (EMP) at the base of the Needle.  Paul Allen built this as a tribute to music. Looks like a giant marshmallow.
April and Morgan.  Inside is just fine for them at the top of the Needle. Margie, Morgan, and April on the Bainbridge ferry - before we started moving. Cargo ship being tugged into the Port of Seattle.
Seahawk Stadium and Safeco Field, home of the Seahawks and Mariners.  Thank goodness the cold war is over! (see the USSR sub docked at the bottom) Seagull riding the wind wake off the ferry. They got pretty darn close to the boat.
They didn't even have to flap their wings. Just surfing along. Hope he doesn't have to relieve himself right about now :-)
What's this?  Who's the fry for? Hey!  You took my fry! This was pretty cool to watch.  The gulls would soar close to the boat and then come right up to the food.
Like this! Freeloaders! People would buy fries just so that they could feed them.
Margie and Morgan, after we crossed to the island.  Check out the hair ;-) Where the ferry docks at Bainbridge. Seattle skyline on the way back from the island.
Seattle Aquarium feel and touch the animals exhibit.  You could reach out and touch corals, urchins, starfish and lots of other cool stuff. This is a ray of some kind.  We also saw octopus, salmon, sharks, jellyfish, otters and sea lions! These are called sea pens - sort of 18th century isn't it?

Okay - these are out of order, but they look better here.  Shot of downtown Seattle from the Needle.

Morgan - still inside.

Morgan ventures outdoors at the top of the Needle for a few seconds.

April - wearing a scrunchie so her hair doesn't beat her :-)
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