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One of Steve's many Christmas presents to April was an intro flight in a Cessna 172.
The flight was scheduled for Dec 29, 2003, and the day was just gorgeous for flying - Steve paid extra for that.
We went to Paine field in Everett, right beside Boeing's large plant, and flew with NorthWay Aviation.
Our instructor, Josh, is only 23 years old but was really good and both of us had a great time.
After take off, April took the controls and we flew over Puget sound to Jefferson County airport. 
Josh landed the plane, we swapped positions and Steve took the controls.
Steve taxied onto the runway, lifted the plane off the ground and headed back to Paine field.
A few maneuvers later, including a couple of tight turns and mock landing practice, and we were
on our way back to land the plane where Steve performed his first landing.  Not too bad for his first try!
The city of Everett and the Cascade mountain range in the background. Snow capped mountain peaks. April on the left concentrating on flying the plane.
Over Puget Sound.  More mountains - they're everywhere! Pretty certain this is Gedney Island.
Over Whidbey Island with the Olympic mountains in the background. Port Townsend in the distance.  Only 20 min away by plane! Shot of Mt Rainier.
A little closer. Coastguard cutter on patrol. Pretty fancy navigation system.
Interesting to see this from the air. More Olympics. Yacht club?
Rocks on the bottom right, and a school of fish swimming to their left, causing the water to ripple differently. Discovery Bay? Hills to us, mountains back home.
Mt Baker. Fjord - well, not really. Indian Island - no fly zone.
With Mt Baker in the background. Port Haddock - nice location. To the north, more Whidbey and San Juans.
Another plane landing at Jefferson county. More islands. Jefferson county airport is unmanned - no tower, so we had to talk to other planes in the area ourselves.

Our instructor Josh the pup and April.

With Steve.

Hmmm, wonder how much it's gonna cost us?
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