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These are some pictures of some critters in our backyard over winter 2003 up until summer 2004.
A Varied Thrush.  We usually see these in the winter and fall months. This flicker is keeping dry.  Taken during "SnowStorm 2003!".  This is one of Steve's favourite shots. Hairy Woodpecker - or is it a Downy?
Having a lil drinkie.  Pileated Woodpecker.  We have a few residents in our forest.  There are a few new ones this year too. < Feeding on the suet that April provides them. 
They go through a bunch of this stuff every couple of weeks!  Nothing like a free meal. This was the first time we were able to see deer in our yard.  Very exciting! Not sure what type of deer they are, but this seemed to be a family that came by one night.
Another one of Steve's favourite shots. We thought it was pretty cool to have deer around.  Our neighbours just wish they'd leave their flowers alone! Looking off into the forest.
This is actually in our neighbours yard - right on the border of ours. I've been spotted.  Very interesting antlers.
It's a baby!

Another critter we like in our yard is Mr Bunny.  We've got at least a couple of bunnies - only had one last year.

Another fav shot.

April has taken to calling the other bunny, Bitsy.  I think they're pretty hard to tell apart though.
We've got friends that have bunnies as pets - but they're way bigger than these. More bunny... Taking pictures of the bunny is hard because he moves so quickly - causing many of the shots to be blurry. 
At least Mr Bunny is contributing to my yard work.  He's eating clover and other weeds in the grass. This one would make a good background for a computer screen - or for an Easter card. Okay - so this isn't in our yard.  This is a bird in Phoenix.  I just really liked the picture :-)
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