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These are some pictures from the Plainfield Curling Club Founders' Bonspiel in New Jersey.
Seattle goes to Plainfield! Our first opponents, the Claude Tellier rink from Plainfield.  We lost. Joe skipped our second game.
Plainfield "Plain"?  I think not!  That's better.  Joe, Mary Alice, April, and Jeff.  Every good curling club has a bar.  Plainfield is no exception.
Our second opponents, the Bob Graham rink.  Lost again!  We won our third and fourth games, lost our fifth, which made us second in the third event.  Mary Alice and Joe enjoying a drink after our game.  Jeff and Bob Graham.
Becca Baxter in the black and white jacket.  She started curling at our club, and moved to DC.  She now curls out of Potomac. Dixon was one of my first contacts at Plainfield.  Catherine and Dixon are expecting a baby in August!
Did you know that Jeff Wick has a phone-sex operator alter ego?  Meet Dirk Ddlesex.  (It's a long story.  Feel free to ask Jeff about it.) Of course, Dirk Ddlesex (pronounced "Diddlysex") has to have a studly pose.  Jeff practices.
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