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These are some pictures from April's visit to Honeywell's head office in Morristown, New Jersey.
Here's what the new layout of Solvay-5 looks like from the main entry hall. Sandra on her way in to work. Pension Alley!
Tom and Jacquie in Tom's cube. Dina.... Tony....
...and now Sandra's hard at work in her cubicle. Nancy... and Sharon finish off Pension Alley.  Dick, Donna, Carol , Cathy McDonald and Vivian also sit in this hallway.
Cindy's moved up to the Big Office! Michelle was visiting the same week I was.  It was great to see her again - first time since 2002! Vivian's ready for another exciting day of work.
Lucia had flowers because her birthday was coming up soon. Kathleen... ...and Mike sit next to each other along the windows now.
The group went out for dinner, to South Street Trattoria in Morristown.  Tom displays his fashion sense here. Walt and Sharon. The soon-to-be birthday girl.
Bottoms up! We had a very exciting time. Michelle's giving Tom a run for the fashion award.
The whole gang! And here we are from the other side of the table. Mmmm, what's for dinner?
Dig in! Donna and Debbie. Smile, ladies!
A toast to the birthday girl! Angelo gets a smooch in on Nancy.  This was a huge shock.  You would never expect such a thing from Angelo! Nancy and April.
The restaurant didn't have a liquor license (strange for those of us not from NJ) so we had to BYOB.  To be grammatically correct, I should say Bring Our Own Bottle, but the acronym for that is unfortunate.  More food and talk... ...a chance for me to visit with everyone.
Debbie took some photos of the restaurant's artwork. The murals were quite large and were on most of the walls. Detail of the mural near us.
This one was closer to the door. Here we are again... And again.
Michelle and Lucia... Tom and Michelle... Kathleen, Angelo, Nancy, April, and Donna.
Angelo, Nancy, April and Donna. Happy Birthday Lucia! 
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