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Some pictures of Walker, Jefferson and Emily - our kitties.
A favourite position for all the kitties involved.  It usually means I have to bring April a cup of tea and chocolate because she can't get up. Sunshiny Jefferson cat - squeezed into a just right kitty space. Stretchy Bree.  She doesn't get sucky often, so when she's like this I get to pet her - for 5 seconds.
Walker bundo.  He likes to sleep on us.  Another place he likes to sleep is his cat bed.  Occasionally shared with Jefferson. Another sucky moment for Emily the tough stuff. 
What's she up to?  They're all watching April water the spider plant that they want to eat. What a life! Squirmy kitty.  He really didn't like being brought outside.

Walker came out too.  His reaction was less intense than Jeffersons - he wanted to get at the squirrels.

Mighty Furrs Cat.

A common thing our kitties do is sleep.  Emily looks so cute when she's napping, but once she's awake, she'll bite your hand off.
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