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A few weeks ago we had an open house at the curling club,
and a group of Portuguese people decided they wanted to come out and try.
The organizer of the group, Jorge, emailed April about bringing out his
group one of the Saturdays, and April asked whether he was Portuguese.
After some conversation, Jorge and the group were very excited that they
could come out to the curling club and could learn to curl from a
fellow Portuguese person (Steve).
Steve was a little concerned about this because he hasn't really spoken much
Portuguese in a number of years, and hasn't been around people
that speak it either.  It turned out fine though, and he could understand and
communicate back in Portuguese on a few things.
There was one member of the group that was in a very similar situation to April.
Christina is American and married into a Portuguese family.  Unlike April, she's
been around the family for a while and has learned to speak it well, can cook
traditional foods, and even has gotten her citizenship!
The whole group was very friendly and nice.  Christina invited us to Easter lunch at
their home, and so we decided to make something Portuguese to bring - Pasteis de Bacalhau!
Apparently we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into as Christina and
Steve's mom kept wishing us good luck with them.
In the end, we think we did a pretty good job and it was certainly an
interesting experience.  Here are some of the pictures from the making of them!
Thursday, we purchased the salt cod from a local Japanese market and put it to soak.  There doesn't seem to be many places here to get salt cod. We also purchased a deep fryer so that we could cook the final product. All the parts of our Cool Daddy deep fryer.  We've never made any fried foods before so this will be interesting.
April with the salt cod.  We got 4 lbs of cod but decided to only use 3.  Luckily, the cod we got already came deboned and skinned! Setting up to boil the cod on Friday night. We added a couple of bay leaves and an onion for taste when boiling the cod.
Saturday - we put the mashed potatoes, cod, onion, parsley and eggs into a batter.  Steve has to mix all this by hand. Emily supervises the experience... ...and acts as official parsley taste tester!
Hmmm - first batch of deep fried goodness is not so good.  We put the pasteis into the deep fryer on the basket it came with, and left them in for 6 mins as directed, but they're overdone :-( Ahhh - next batch without the basket and keeping an eye on them.  Now, they're only in for 3 minutes and taste so much better! April creates the fishy snacks with two spoons, shaping them into little footballs of goo!
As April said, this is so P-dub.  Steve sitting on the front porch at 8pm deep frying dinner.  If only I'd had a beer and a portable TV - I'd be set :-) Taking out the pasteis one at a time, making sure they look like mom's. Well - just in case.  Glad we didn't need it though!
Finally, the LAST batch!  After an hour of cooking these and freezing outside! The finished product.  Those look yummy! So - who wants to kiss the cook?
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