Portugal Trip Report

May / June, 2006

This is where we will document our trip to Portugal in 2006.
We will update these pages as soon as we can - check back for updates.

Site last updated on Nov 5, 2006.

Warning!  The following pages contain a lot of text.  We take no responsibility if you find yourself immersed in them and spend hours reading the details of our days.  During our trip, we had done a nightly voice recording of what we'd done each day.  The thought was that it would be easier than Steve carting a laptop around Portugal and typing something every night. 

Our intent was that we would listen to the voice recordings when we got back home and summarize them into web pages.  Well, it's now 4+ months after our trip and we're not done yet.  April started off transcribing everything we said with the thought that we could go back and edit it for the important stuff, but, we've just given up and are providing everything we said that night.  With voice recordings being in the 20-30 minute range, there's a ton of text!

The text in italics represents April speaking.  Regular text is Steve.  There are pictures and captions at the bottom of the pages if you'd just like to skip to those.  With that, click on any of the items below to get to the details!


Getting There




Gafanha do Areao

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