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While we were in Portugal, my dad and grandfather did some work on my
uncle Mario's house next door.  They built a railing for some vines to
grow on, from old iron fencing that was no longer being used.
They also had some lights installed on the entry gates.  They were both very
proud of what they'd gotten done there and wanted to share the pictures
here with Tio Mario.
Dad's car underneath the new awning he and Avo Jaime built in Tio Mario's backyard. Dad posing with the new structure. Ever the action photo man.  Dad always has to be doing something in the pictures!
Showing how secure the fencing was built, Dad is hanging from it (not really :-).  Good work. The other awning is beside the house.  Eventually, the intent is that the vines will grow and spread over the awning, providing a nice car shade. Some of the left over material that was originally on top of the fence.
I don't know what it is we're really looking at here.  But hey, I went a little picture crazy this trip. Look here.  Take a picture of this. Yep, that's the gate in front of the driveway.
Hey, look at that!  A new thing on top of the post! And there's the men in charge of getting this construction job done. Wider picture of both gates with the new globes on top.
Nice work Avo. And here's a night shot.  They even work! Take a close look at Dad.  He's just come back from the discoteca and is still shaking :-) 
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